Shingai Musanba - General Manager – LISHE Feeds

Shingai Musanba

General Manager – LISHE Feeds

A holder of a Master’s degree in Animal Science from the University of Zimbabwe, Shingai is an experienced and accomplished commercial animal nutritionist with over 12 years of working experience. He has a rich knowledge of formulating cost-effective animal feeds utilising locally available raw materials for profitable animal production. Before joining AfriSol, he led the nutrition, formulation, production and quality control of all feeds, for the largest animal feed producer in Zimbabwe, a company producing over 12,000 tons of finished feed per month. His portfolio includes but is not limited to dairy, poultry, beef, pigs, sheep, goats, fish, rabbits, crocodiles and dogs. He also led the R&D function. Shingai has also worked for the largest integrated poultry company in Zimbabwe in various capacities including managing the breeder flock and commercial hatchery as well as running both layers and broilers production site and managing poultry out-grower schemes. He has also advised some of the leading beef and dairy farmers in Zimbabwe around feeding, animal nutrition and replacement cycles. Shingai also holds a Bachelor of Animal Science Honours Degree.

Other Team Members

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Board Chairman

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Chief Financial Officer

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