Our Vision

“Africa’s annual food import bill of $35 billion, estimated to rise to $110 billion by 2025, weakens African economies, decimates its agriculture and exports jobs from the continent.”

Akinwumi Adesina - President of the African Development Bank (AfDB)

 With over 60% of the world’s arable land found in Africa, Africa still has the highest levels of malnutrition and people living below the poverty line and most of these people are smallholder farmers who are unable to increase their productivity & quality of outputs due to inability to access quality inputs and funding, technical support and consistent fair markets.

 When a smallholder farmer can earn more by producing more output of a higher quality supplying a guaranteed market, it leads to a remarkable improvement in nutritional levels. When the farmers outputs are then converted into quality affordable products for the African market, it results in a reduction in the need to import more food, leading to more sustainable economies.

Our vision is to enhance Africa’s NUTRITION and WEALTH creation in partnership with smallholder farmers.    

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