Purpose and Values

We partner smallholder farmers and sustainably integrate value-chains through establishing commercially viable enterprises that stimulate demand for produce for the smallholder farmers for processing into high quality, affordable branded FMCG goods for local & export markets.

The following are a set of our core values that define who we are and how we interact as an organization and with all our stakeholders. These are our TRAIT;

Teamwork; collaboration and shared value creation is at the core of what we do both internally and with all our stakeholders. We build teams around capabilities and performance. We work with smallholder farmers, our partners, and all other stakeholders in a collaborative and mutually beneficial manner that delivers maximum shared value creation.

Resilience; Building shared value that transcends generations is never easy. Africa has great opportunities and equally has great challenges. We always challenge ourselves to be better than we were before and to do more than we did before, and this takes a special kind of person who is extremely resilient. At the end of the day, our success and our failures are measured purely by our results and the value we create.

Ambition; We align our organizational ambitions with those of our teams and those of our stakeholders. Shared ambitions ensure unity of purpose and have a multiplier effect on the effort applied by all stakeholders. We encourage our teams to dream up new possibilities around shared value creation and we support all our team members to achieve these.

Idea-meritocracy; There is no one person who is the custodian of all the answers and all the best ideas. Experience has taught us that the best ideas come from those that interact with a problem or product on a daily basis. This can come from our team members, from our smallholder farmer partners, from our customers and from all our other stakeholders. We encourage everyone to provide feedback and to table ideas and each idea is assessed based on its merits.

Truthfulness; Ray Daio speaks of “Radical Truthfulness and Radical Transparency”. We have adopted this as part of our values and aim to live by this. We foster an environment within our organization that allows for speed to truth, the real truth, and not one’s version of it. We also hold our stakeholders to the same high standards and we expect nothing less from them.

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